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  • If you are staying less than 4 nights, you can complete the order form on the site or email us your requirements. Alternatively you can contact us on the day before your arrival, or on the day of your arrival, to establish availability. We can then meet you, and take you to one of our available apartments. However, in some circumstances, we can reserve an apartment for less than 4 nights, if the dates of your stay coincides well with our available dates, and you are prepared to make an advance payment.
  • If you are staying for more than 4 nights, you can simply choose an apartment from our site and complete the order form. Your booking needs to be made 10 days before your stay.
Once the advanced payment has been received, the apartment is reserved. The advanced payment require, will be equal to one nights stay. The remaining amount needs to be paid by cash or credit card to our agency's representative on arrival at the apartment. Without an advance payment we can not guarantee your booking. However on your arrival if there are apartments available, we will be able to accommodate you.

How to reserve an apartment.

  • If you fill out an order form then you are accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Choose the apartments, which are desirable to you and fill in the order form.
  • Our manager will process your order within 24 hours. And will confirm your booking.
  • After your booking has been confirmed you should make your advance payment, of one day's.
  • After we have received your advanced payment, we shall send confirmation of your. This will guarantee your reserved apartment, on the term specified by you.
  • The Booking is valid only after receipt of the first nights rent.

How to make an advance payment.

To maximize the convenience of our clients we offer various forms of advance payment:
  • Cash through one of our company representatives in Kiev.
  • Using your Visa or Mastercard.
  • Through Western Union
  • Through
  • Wiretransfer
For more detailed information how to pay, click here.

Cancellation of the reservation

In the event you don't arrive in Kiev or you cancel your order, the advance payment that you have made, will not be refunded. We carry no responsibility for bad weather, illness, or of cancellation of your trip. In the event you change the date of your stay, your advanced payment will not be refunded, and you will need to send an advance payment once more. By making an advanced payment, you are guaranteeing your arrival, so we hold the apartment for you, and refuse other clients.

Departure Time before 12:00          Arrival Time after 13:00

If you want the apartment after 12:00 on the day you are leaving, for up to a further 12 hours, then you need to inform us in advance, and make an additional payment.
  • Until 18.00 - pay all of the daily rent (not half)
  • After 18.00 - pay all of the daily rent
If you arrive earlier than 13:00, and the apartment is available, you can use the apartment without an additional charge. But if the previous client occupies the apartment until 12:00, you will need to wait until 13:00 so we can clean the apartment. In order to guarantee having the apartment before 13:00 you will to pay an additional night rent.

Viewing of an apartment

Viewing apartments is carried out through our site only. On the Website you are able to see all our available apartments, each apartment has its own page with a detailed description and photos. We are not able to take perspective clients to view apartments, as they are usually occupied. However we make detailed photos of every apartment, so that viewing is not really required. We guarantee that all apartment photo's are representative of the actual apartments. If on your arrival you do not like your apartment, we are able to offer you an alternative the following day.

Your Arrival at the Apartment

If you have ordered a taxi through us, to meet you at the airport, or the station, we will take you directly to the apartment. If this is something you do not require, on the day of your arrival, you should call us 1 hour before you want to occupy the apartment. Our managers will leave immediately to meet you there. On arriving at the apartment, you will need to pay the outstanding rent. You will at this point receive an information sheet with the address and the phone number of the apartment, and the apartment keys.

On the day of your departure, our manager will visit to collect the keys and inspect the apartment, to ensure it is in the same condition as when you arrived.

Included in Cost of Apartment
  • Rent of the entire apartment;
  • Complete equipped kitchen and bathroom;
  • Electricity, cold and hot water (80 % of apartments are in addition equipped with water heaters);
  • Clean towels and kitchen utensils;
  • Telephone, for local calls;
  • Cleaning of the apartment, with change of bedclothes and towels, once per week, at any time convenient to you (additional cleaning available for a further payment);
  • Commission for our services.
Payment of rent is to be made at the time of occupation.

Replacement of an apartment

If for any reason, you are not completely happy with the apartment, we will, if possible, arrange an alternative apartment for you, on the day after your arrival. In this situation we can not refund you advanced payment. In the unlikely event, that there is a serious problem with the apartment, ie. Loss of power or water. We shall offer you an alternative priced apartment.

Rules of residing.
  1. The Apartment should be rented only for living. The number of people living in the apartment should not be greater than that organized with us at the time of ordering the apartment. Animals are allowed only with the consent of the owners of the apartment. Before leaving an apartment, ensure that it is left in the same condition that it was found in.
  2. You bear the responsibility for the keys whilst residing in the apartment. In the event that they are lost, you are responsible for any cost incurred in the replacement of the keys, and the fitting of a new lock.
  3. You should behave according to moral and ethical standards. Loud music, shouting, or hooliganism can cause complaints from neighbors, in this situation you will be immediately removed from the apartment.
  4. We do not carry any responsibility for accidents or illnesses suffered during your time in Kiev, we will also not be responsible for any loss of money. Before commencement of your trip to Kiev, please ensure you are fully insured.

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