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Apartments in Kiev is well-known service for those who frequently visit this town. In spite of rising offer on the hotel market daily rent of apartment in Kiev keep on attracting visitors. Majority of town guests still prefer separate apartment to hotel room. Actually daily rent has some priceless advantages over any hotel, even over modern one.

First of all, it's more comfortable. Unlike featureless impersonal rooms kiev apartment usually has greater floorspace and provided with all necessary conveniences. The most popular modification is one-room apartment, bedroom and kitchen furnished with useful equipment. Hotel can't be provided the same way as Kiev apartments! Separate bathroom and toilet, telephone, refrigerator, microwave oven, gas stove, often a balcony are obvious advantages of daily rent of apartments in Kiev. You always can warm up and prepare home meal, save food freshness and at last feel very much at home!

Secondly, daily Kiev is a great choice of apartment. This time when you could rent an apartment just on the railway station has gone long ago. Nowadays many tourist companies and estate agencies offer some hundreds variants. Luxurious studio apartment in the historical center of Kiev or small simple apartment in the commuter town everything depends on your own wishes.

Apartments in Kiev center are the most popular. As a rule such Kiev apartments are situated in the gold fund buildings, many of them have more than one-hundredth history. High ceilings, strong soundproof walls, spacious rooms and large windows are the most attractive features of old houses' apartment in Kiev. Most of apartments offered for daily rent are restored and rehabilitated. Daily Kiev means conveniences, privacy and comfort. Other great advantage is twenty-four-hour access to the telephone.

Apartment buildings' entrances are equipped with combination lock and door intercom system, there're guard, concierges and elevator operators in the elite buildings. As stated above most of daily rent apartment are situated near the main sights of Kiev. It'll allow you to appreciate fully city spirit and save you from long and exhausting trips on metro or taxi.

Movement freedom is one more advantage of Kiev apartments which should be mentioned. You can return any moment you would like not avoiding of someone's hamper or disturbance.

You shouldn't wait for you keys on reception while administrator is absent. Hotel rooms are settled for fixed number of sleeping places, but apartment can shelter as many persons as possible within reasonable limits. It's convenient for those who travel with family or friends. Rent of Kiev apartments is serious and worthy alternative to kiev hotels.

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